240*320 asphalt nitro java game free download with a single click -

240*320 asphalt nitro java game free download with a single click

Asphalt nitro java game is a famous mobile racing game that was published and developed by the gaming company Gameloft in 2015. It is a fast-paced racing experience on multiple good-feature phones that run the Java platform.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Asphalt Nitro Java was all about:

Genre: Racing Game

Platform: Java (feature phones)

Key Features:

  1. In stunning environments, race luxury cars licensed by the manufacturer
  2. Performed stunts for points and nitro boosts in gravity-defying 
  3. Providing multiple racing modes, e.g., Race, police chase, and knockout
  4. You can upgrade and customize the car 

Methods of asphalt 8 java game download?

Downloading the asphalt Java game is not a difficult task. You have to follow the following steps.

  1. Downloading BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Then install it.
  3. After installing, look for the Asphalt 8 car racing game in the search bar at the top right corner.
  4. After searching now, click on install and enjoy the results.

320×240 asphalt nitro java game download

Yes this size game you can download with nokia , Motorola, samsung, LG, Sony , Blackberry and all other supported J2ME mobile versions

Asphalt nitro 6 java game 

Asphalt 6 adrenaline released in 2009 for multiple gaming platforms which includes also a nitro java game version for feature phone because it boasted extensive career mode, hight quality graphics compared to Asphalt nitro.

FeaturesAsphalt Nitro (Java)Asphalt 6 Adrenaline 
Release year20152009
PlatformJava ( feature & smart phone)Java ( feature & smart phone)
GameplaySpeedyTraditional racing

I understand you’re looking to download Asphalt 8: Airborne for Java, but there isn’t a safe or legitimate way to do so. Here’s why:

  • No Java Version: Asphalt nitro java game is not asphalt 8 and released for Java. While it is for android smart phones with upgraded operating systems. 
  • Security Risks: If you download games from untrusted resource have not positive reviews and the app, browser is not safe then might you face the issue of malware virus attack in your mobile.

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Features of Asphalt Nitro Java Game

1. Thrilling Races: 

You should experience various races modes like knockout, police chase abd race. Because these all modes offering unique challenges, levels, and objectives

Licensed Cars: 

Licensed cars in asphalt nitro java the dram of renowned machine car manufactures like ferrari, lamborghini, and aston martin.

Stunt System: 

Master the art of drifting, barrel rolls, and wild jumps to rack up points and nitro for that extra boost.

Multiple Game Modes: 

If you want to check your skill then put them in 8 various gaming modes and that each mode pushing your racing prowess in new method.


Unlock new cars, upgrade them for enhanced performance, and customize their appearance to reflect your racing style.

Advantages of Playing Asphalt Nitro Java Game

Fast-paced Action: 

Asphalt 8 java game provide the features of high speed racing with unreflecting control perfect for mobile gaming. 

Pick Up and Play: 

Jump into quick races or delve deeper into career mode for a more extended experience.

Stunt Show: 

Show of incredible talent for adding the another level of excitement to the races modes. Nostalgia Factor: 

Asphalt nitro racing game is for those game players who skilled fully grown and raise sense of nostalgia foe golden age of nitro java gaming. 

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Tips and Tricks for Playing Asphalt Nitro Java Game

Master the Drift: 

Drifting around corners not only looks cool but also fills your nitro gauge faster.

Stunt Bonus: 

Performing stunts during races earns you extra points and nitro, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Nitro Management: 

Use your nitro wisely for bursts of speed during crucial moments like overtaking or finishing a race.

Upgrade Strategically: 

Prioritize upgrades that improve your car’s overall performance to dominate races.

Updates and Improvements in Asphalt Nitro Java Game

Asphalt 8 java game 240×320 free download have not major updates and version after initial release but some versions have bug fixes and need improvements. 

Comparison of Asphalt Nitro Java Game with Other Mobile Games

When we compared it with other smart phones then Asphalt nitro java have smaller graphics and car selection. But its core gameplay of speedy racing stunts offers a nostalgic experience. 

Reviews and Testimonials from Players 

Players often praise Asphalt Nitro Java for its addictive gameplay, intuitive controls, and the thrill of performing stunts in high-speed races. Reviews might also mention limitations like repetitive race tracks or a lack of online multiplayer features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Asphalt Nitro Java free? 

Yes its free when you play and download it with in the app of its purchase officially. However when you try to download it from other  third party resources then no guarantee. 

Q2. Is Asphalt Nitro Java still available? 

Since Java support has dwindled, finding a legitimate and safe download source might be challenging.

Q3. Can I play Asphalt Nitro Java on my phone? 

With Java emulator you can run the game on latest smartphone version.


Asphalt Nitro Java was a pioneer in mobile racing games, offering a thrilling experience for Java phone users. While it might not compete with the graphical fidelity of modern games, its core gameplay loop of fast-paced racing with stunts provides a fun and nostalgic experience for those who wish to revisit the golden age of Java gaming.

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