Hero Tower Wars merge puzzle- android online free game -

Hero Tower Wars merge puzzle- android online free game

Are you looking for a game to play in your spare time whenever you are accessible in the office, at home and with friends? Are you a game player lover and searching for an excellent game to play on mobile? Also, the game can play in any Android version with no extra GB space and features necessary. 

Here, I find the best hero tower wars game online to play for you. Hero Tower Wars game play online is a puzzle game where you knight with various monsters. In this game, you will also look for weapons and try to save your princess from enemies. 

Hero Tower Wars game guide

Hero Tower Wars is a maths numbers-based merge puzzle game. This game is a combination of action, strategic and fighter genres. When you reach the next tower, there will be new enemies to fight. So, when you play, wisely choose the placement of your game hero to win. The harsh battlefield with countless obstacles is waiting for you. Try to drag your mighty hero to explore the map, unlock powers to defeat powerful monsters, and save the princess. 

Collect heroes, gold, skins, and build your tower after the battle. Together, they create an excellent experience for players who love experimenting and looking for puzzles.  Choose suitable monsters and villains to attack in a game like Hero Tower Wars, so your game hero can gain enough strength to collect the treasures and rescue the princess. 

Game features

  1. Unlimited level of challenge
  2. Attractive GUI and extensive range of location
  3. Many outfits and other items to build one’s castle 
  4. Daily quest, challenge quest, and many more features

Hero Tower Wars game: how to play it?

Every battle of this math strategy has a free tower puzzle game. You will see one or many towers storing all types of monsters, traps, weapons, and treasures. Sometimes, a princess is held captive on any one of the floors.

  1. Choose where to move your hero. 
  2. If his power level is higher than his opponents, he will win, and their power will be added to his own. 
  3. Traps marked with a negative number will remove your warrior’s strength, but collecting weapons and armour will add to it.
  4. Look at the numbers and pick the correct route.

Look at the game trailer to play better. 

Can you make it through every floor and enemy tower? Put your math skills to the test with hundreds of levels and get exciting daily quests.

Game creator:

Pixel Emboss built this fun math game. 

Hero Tower Wars game online images.

Hero Tower Wars game download pc

The game is accessible to download. If you are an Android user, you can get it on Play Store, and if you are an iPhone user, then use the APPLE APP STORE.

  • Go to your stores.
  • Search Hero Tower Wars Game.
  • Click on install.
  • After installation, play it. 

Note: Hero Tower Wars is a free online game. 

Hero Tower Wars game time limit:

There is no game time limit. It’s a math-based merge puzzle game with all number values displayed and no time limit to make your decision in the game. The most significant risk is accidentally placing the floors in the wrong order or getting distracted by shiny collectables.

Hero Tower Wars game release date

According to my research, I still need to find its release date. But its last update was on August 22, 2023. 

Hero Tower Wars game review

The game has 53.1k reviews with a 4.2-star rating and 1M+ downloads. Mostly, people love it and give positive reviews of this game.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Tower game shown in the Hero Wars ad a real game?

This ad for Hero Wars depicts a tower game based on numbers – an ad that has nothing in common with the game. Or it was the ad for a game called Water Sort, which works as advertised but makes you watch a video ad at every level.

Q2. Is Hero Wars free to play?

Yes, it’s a free online game to play.

Q3. How many floors are in Tower Hero Wars?

50 floors. Each floor helps you get valuable resources, e.g., gold, tower coins, and multiple equipment items.

Q4. What is the tower difficulty in Hero Wars?

The game difficulty depends on the team level you find on the game’s main screen under your avatar. If your game heroes’ level is below compared to your team level, that time-clearing tower is challenging. 

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